Sifting and Sharing Your Favorites Using Google Reader

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from the being the “ideal blogger” that writes detailed, lengthy, insightful posts on a regular basis. I hope to one day become more faithful and substantive in my blog postings. However, right now, I find that the primary purpose I have for blogging is to share and archive quick information updates as well as post concerning new technology, tools, or approaches that I find interesting.

Often, what I want to do is to quickly tag a blog posting and aggregate it somehow with my other favorites. Google Reader has a very easy-to-use sharing feature that allows me to either on the web of mobile interface to mark a posting as starred and/or shared.

Shared postings are aggregated in a convenient location so that others can quickly see what I’m reading. To catch a glimpse of my recent shared items, click here.

While I will continue to post to my blog with select new tools or approaches that I find worth mentioning, I now have a much easier way to simply flag a posting as one I’ve found of interest and want to share with others. This is even easier than bookmarking a posting and adding it to my collection of delicious bookmarks.

If you are a Google Reader user and you’d like to follow my shared items from within Google Reader, just post a comment or shoot me an email with your email address and I’ll get you added.

Want to share your own favorites via Google Reader? Click here for details on getting started sharing via Google Reader.

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