New Faculty Blackboard Tools

A new integrated set of tools is now available in Blackboard for NIU faculty to request new Blackboard courses or shells. The new Blackboard Faculty Tools (BFT) replace the former Faculty Blackboard Course Utilities (FBCU) and provide a more robust and easy to use set of tools for faculty to do the following:

  • Request a New Course in which student enrollment is automatically uploaded and refreshed daily.
  • Request a New Shell for course development long before a course is to be offered.
  • Remove a Shell to purge unwanted development courses.

Note: All requests to the BFT go through the processing server, which runs twice daily every weekday throughout the semester. This means that changes will not appear immediately. Requests will be processed by mid-morning of the next business day. If you do not see the result of your request by noon of the following work day, please contact the ITS Call Center at 815-753-8100 for assistance.

A new 5 minute tutorial highlights the steps to using the new Blackboard Faculty Tools. The free QuickTime player is required to view the high resolution tutorial. It is also available on YouTube or as a podcast.


To learn more about the new Blackboard Faculty Tools (BFT), click here.

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