Greener Teaching Techniques

Happy Earth Day!

Greener living has increasingly become a central issue in American life. In our personal lives, we recycle, use reusable bags at the grocery store, and light our homes with CFL bulbs. However, what can we do to make our teaching practices environmentally friendly? There are many simple changes faculty and instructors can make to decrease the impact their classroom has on the environment.

For example, use less paper by posting class documents online (in Blackboard, for those at NIU). Accept assignment submissions electronically rather than  on paper, and return grades and feedback the same way. Even something as simple as turning off classroom lights can save electricity and help make teaching more environmentally friendly.

For even more techniques, go to the new Greener Teaching Techniques resource page compiled by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center:

If you have any additional suggestions, post them in the comments or send them to!

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  1. These are great tips! If only I could get my students to actually check Bbd for posts regarding assignments and grades!

  2. I have done onscreen grading. It may be good for the environment in that we spare paper, but we use energy and hurt our eyes. I just did it for a semester… and was glad I had a small class!

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