Strategies for Managing the Online Workload

One of the foremost concerns of online instructors is that teaching online requires more time than the traditional face-to-face classroom setting. The Strategies for Managing the Online Workload (SMOW) video podcast offers a collection of short descriptions, tips, techniques, and methods developed and used by experienced online educators to manage their time more effectively in the online teaching environment. *Note – The free iTunes software is required in order to download and view the video podcast episodes.

Here’s a video introduction to the podcast by Larry Regan, Director of Instructional Design and Development, Penn State University World Campus:

Additional contributions to this collection are welcomed. If you have an idea of how to save time when teaching online, contact Larry Ragan at Penn State University at for additional information on how to add your idea to this collection.

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  1. As someone new to teaching online, this subject is one of considerable interest to me. I checked the SMOW offering out and tried downloading one of the videopodcasts. There are 57 individual videos, most of which are just a few minutes long. The titles are specific enough so that the reader can determine whether or not a particular video is worth downloading. This is a tool I’m going to explore further.

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