Twitter Search in Plain English

This new video by CommonCraft explains how Twitter search creates new opportunities for business feedback, tracking news in real time and discovering trends. As a follow-up to Twitter in Plain English, it further illustrates the power of this microblogging technology in bringing people together in new ways.

How might Twitter search be useful for an educational activity? Leave a comment with your ideas!

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  1. I was thinking about how this might be useful in a basic management course I teach, specifically to get online students to comment/respond to others’ comments on current business topics. To try it out I did a Twitter search on “GM Bailout” to see what tweets had been posted. There were many, but not many different points of view. My original idea was to have students look at what others were saying and then offer a their own reactions to how society seems to be viewing a particular event. Another option might be to create a class-specific tag of some sort so that students can find each others, tweets and respond. It might be more efficient to simply use the discussion board for that.

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