Free Online Accessibility Conference at UIC, September 30th

The UIC College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) is sponsoring a FREE Online Accessibility Summit on September 30, 2010 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at UIC University Hall 401 (UH401), 601 S. Morgan Street, Chicago, IL.

This Summit brings together some of the Web’s most notable experts in accessibility for an all-new, all-day online conference.  This event normally costs $179 per person but will be available for free on the UIC campus. Come for just the sessions that you are interested in or stay the whole day!

To ensure that the meeting room is large enough, RSVP to Kevin Price ( indicating when you expect to attend.  Even if you forget to reply, you’re still welcome to attend.

Here is more information about the Accessibility Summit from UIC:

About The Accessibility Summit

Creating an open, accessible web is just best practice. With flexible content delivery and usable applications that benefit all of us, the truly Accessible Web is available to everyone all the time, regardless of ability. Spend some time with the Accessibility experts and find the inspiration and practical knowledge you need to make your Web presence truly universal:

8:00 am – Christopher Schmitt presents “Accessibility & HTML5”
9:00 am – Aaron Gustafson presents “Progressive Enhancement with ARIA”
10:00 am – Jared Smith presents “Accessibility & Compatibility”
11:00 pm – Marla Erwin presents “Accessible CSS”
12:00 pm – LUNCH BREAK
12:30 pm – Glenda Sims presents “Practical Accessibility Testing”
1:30 pm – Daniel Hubbell presents “Future Trends in Accessibility”
2:30 pm – Derek Featherstone presents “Mobile Accessibility”
3:30 pm – Matt May presents “Is Universal Design Still Possible?”

For more information about the speakers, see the following URL:

Accessibility Summit:

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