The Teaching with Blackboard Podcast

Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center has developed and collected many Blackboard-related resources on their Blackboard Support webpage ( including links to NIU Blackboard printable quick guides, faq, tutorials, the Blackboard User Guide and listing of upcoming webinars, as well as the Center’s own Blackboard workshops, many of which are hands-on.

One resource that could prove quite helpful to faculty is the Teaching with Blackboard podcast. This podcast provides tips, ideas, suggestions, and best practices of teaching with the Blackboard learning management system. The goal of this podcast is to discuss the pedagogy of online teaching and learning and to share ideas and tips for how faculty can leverage the Blackboard learning management system to improve the teaching and learning experiences they offer for their students.

Originally launched in September 2006, the podcast has touched on a range of topics including announcements for critical upcoming Blackboard events (episodes 25, 30), details of new useful Blackboard features and tools (episodes 19, 23, 33),  and face-to-face interviews with faculty sharing their experiences of best practices (episodes 15, 16, 35).  Many users from both NIU and other institutions have learned by listening to these episodes. Currently, the Teaching with Blackboard podcast at has nearly 200 subscribers (either via iTunes or RSS) and episodes of the podcast have been downloaded a total of 17,587 times.

Readers are invited to access the Teaching with Blackboard podcast by subscribing for free through iTunes or visiting to listen to the most recent episodes. Readers can also drop the Center’s Blackboard support staff an email ( where they can ask questions, add comments, or make suggestions about ideas for a future podcast episode.

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