New Turning Technologies Clicker Training Available!

students with clickersNIU Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center typically offers 1-2 hands-on workshops a year on using the Turning Technologies ResponseCard devices (aka “clickers”) in the classroom. The hands-on workshop, designed for NIU faculty who wish to use clickers in their own classes, covers details about the hardware and software that enables faculty to conduct highly interactive polling sessions in the classroom. While the introductory clickers workshop sees great numbers in attendance every year, regular requests for more training dates and private consultations continue to increase. In response to these numerous requests for training, NIU Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center has worked with the Turning Technologies training department to make available additional training support. Thanks to the Turning Technologies training department, we are pleased to announce that any interested faculty can now take advantage of live online and self-paced training on clickers and the TurningPoint software at no cost.

The live online trainings are available in the form of scheduled group workshop classes, or in private one-on-one training sessions by request on a date and time that works for your schedule. All live online trainings (group or private) will take place on a web conferencing platform and will require participants to have a headset with a microphone. For those who would rather take a comprehensive self-paced course complete with practice activities and assessments, these courses will be hosted on a learning management system and can be completed at any time without a deadline. These self-paced training courses would be perfect for teaching assistants or any faculty needing to work through training at their own pace. All training options deliver the same content – participants simply choose the training format that is best for them and their schedule. Participants may sign up for the live group online classes based on the current calendar of offerings; for live one-on-one training or to enroll in a self-paced training course, please contact Kevin Herrholtz, Training Manager, directly via email at or via phone at 330-599-4936. For more information, refer to the following links:

Information on Live Online Classes:

Information on Self-Paced classes:

All of these training options are offered at no cost, so please take advantage of these trainings! When signing up for training, participants should note the version of the TurningPoint software they will be using. Faculty teaching in a Provost-sponsored smart classroom are using the latest version of TurningPoint; all other campus buildings may still be on the legacy version. For faculty teaching with clickers for the first time, they should request training on using the hardware and on the PowerPoint Polling feature of the clicker software. Various levels of training for these different features are available.

Moving forward, any faculty, staff, and teaching assistants interested in using clickers for the first time are strongly encouraged to consider registering for training workshops through Turning Technologies. Those needing a free clicker kit (containing a clicker and receiver) should contact the Turning Technologies account manager, Melinda Caban, at or 330-599-4925. If anyone has any general questions related to clickers, please contact the Faculty Development & Instructional Design center at, or 815-753-0595.

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