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What do you use to teach? Blackboard wants to know!

hands typing on laptopWe all use a variety of content types, sources, and tools to teach our students, and Blackboard wants to make it easier to use content in their learning management system. To do that, they would like your feedback: How do you present information to students? What does your course reuse process look like? Do you make your own course materials, use Open Educational Resources (OER), or use content from the textbook publisher?

Blackboard is looking for instructors and instructional designers who are especially interested in course content, sharing content, and the reuse of content. If that sounds like you, please complete the survey at https://bbuxresearch.wufoo.com/forms/what-do-you-use-to-teach/. It consists of 12 questions, some multiple choice and some open-ended. Depending on how detailed your answers are, it should take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete the survey.

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