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Results of the 2015 Teaching Assistant Campus-wide Survey

hands typing on laptopDuring the spring 2015 semester, the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center conducted a survey of all Teaching Assistants at NIU. We send a similar survey every four years to teaching assistants, and survey all faculty and instructors every four years on an alternating schedule (so that we get significant feedback from campus every two years).

This year, 135 teaching assistants responded to the survey. Over 65% of respondents had attended our programs, and nearly 87% found the programs to be applicable to their teaching. Over 75% felt that participation in our programs was beneficial to students. While the majority of respondents knew about the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center and the Teaching with Blackboard websites and found them to be helpful, many did not know that we have a library of Program Archives, which are videos of recorded workshops. Check them out – there are hundreds of workshop recordings that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Many teaching assistants have received or are pursuing the Graduate Teaching Certificate offered by the Center. However, 51% have never heard of it. The Graduate Teaching Certificate is a recognition of your commitment to developing your teaching skill, and can be a valuable asset if you are pursuing a faculty position after graduation. Learn more about the Graduate Teaching Certificate.

Overall, we’d like to thank all of the teaching assistants who responded to our survey. The information you provided was very valuable and we will use it to improve our teaching assistant programming and resources.

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