SPS Award FacDev photo

Faculty Development Receives 2017 SPS Award for Partnership and Collaboration

SPS Award FacDev photo
Pictured L to R: Cameron Wills, Dan Cabrera, Tracy Miller, Stephanie Richter, Yvonne Johnson, Brenda Hodges, Jason Rhode, and Catherine Doederlein, SPS Council President
Not pictured: Amy Deegan, Janet Giesen, Peter Gowen

The Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center (FDIDC) received the 2017 Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) Award for Partnership and Collaboration at the SPS Awards Ceremony on April 12, 2017.  The award is given out annually by the Supportive Professional Staff Council to those who have the demonstrated a willingness to cooperate and collaborate for the betterment of the NIU community.

The FDIDC was nominated for the award by Dr. Ritu Subramony, director of Accreditation, Assessment, and Evaluation, who wrote in her support letter, “I have had the opportunity to interact even more closely with the FDIDC staff for several projects.  These recent opportunities, my observations of this unit over the years, and several occasions of seeking their expertise has left no doubt in my mind regarding FDIDC’s outstanding contribution to NIU and how extraordinary the staff of this unit are. Indeed, I hold this unit as a gold standard and am attempting to model my own team after these exemplar peers.”  Dr. Subramony highlighted the following examples of the FDIDC’s collaboration at the university:

  • Coordinating the pilot and developing special training and workshops on e-Portfolios for UNIV101 and First-Year Composition programs
  • Offering special workshops for international faculty scholars
  • Providing training and support for the Program Prioritization data platform
  • Assisting academic departments in piloting the new Blackboard goals alignment tool for program assessment
  • Facilitating the pilot of interactive rubrics for assessment of NIU PLUS student learning outcomes in undergraduate general education courses
  • Offering Faculty Qualifications Reporting training

Dr. Carolinda Douglass, vice provost for Institutional Effectiveness, wrote in her support letter, “Supportive Professional Staff such as the staff of FDIDC are a real asset to NIU and serve vital roles critical to the success of our institution. FDIDC staff typify the cooperative and collaborative spirit that many SPS routinely demonstrate across our institution. For these reasons FDIDC staff deserve recognition for their outstanding partnerships and collaborations that have resulted in significant advances to NIU in recent years.”

Dr. Jason Rhode, director of FDIDC, credits his staff with making a commitment to outstanding service and collaboration a core principle of the center’s operations, stating, “I’m so thankful for the team that we have in place and for the willingness of each of [the staff] to go above and beyond for the betterment of the university.”

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