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Fall 2019 Teaching Effectiveness Institute Highlights Self-Regulated Learning

NIU Faculty were actively engaged in the Fall 2019 Teaching Effectiveness Institute sponsored by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. Day 1 of the event featured 12 NIU speakers from various departments sharing insights, strategies, and resources on Fundamental Principles of Effective Instruction. Brad Peters presenting to faculty at institute day 1Participants learned about techniques for Energizing the Classroom Experience, Creating Inclusive Spaces in the Classroom, Establishing and Maintaining Classroom Civility, and more. Over 32 faculty and instructors from 24 departments collaborated to build knowledge and professional connections to launch the 2019-2020 academic year.

Day two of the event, Transforming Your Students into Self-Regulated Learners and Enhancing Their Academic Performance, featured Dr. Linda Nilson, Director Emeritus of the Office of Teaching and Innovation at Clemson University, South Carolina. More than 76 faculty and staff from 29 departments participated in the day-long institute. Dr. Nilson shared Linda Nilson presenting at the institute day 2techniques for integrating self-regulated learning (SRL) assignments and activities into university classrooms. Research to support the value of SRL and implications for teaching and learning were also discussed. Faculty and staff eagerly planned approaches for implementing self-regulated learning strategies in their classrooms.

Feedback from participants provided insights on the value of the institute. The following are some of the comments faculty shared about the institute: “there are SRL tools that can be effective for students AND decrease my workload,”  “the presentations covered A LOT of little tips and tricks,” “making students responsible for their own learning,” and “Great talk…I liked the organization and spaces for conversation during the talk.” 

Mark your calendars for the Spring 2020 Teaching Effectiveness Institute, which is scheduled for Wednesday, January 8. Dr. Derek Bruff, Director of the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, will be the featured speaker. Dr. Bruff oversees the Center’s programming for faculty and graduate students helping them develop foundational teaching skills and explore new ideas in teaching and learning. He is also a principal senior lecturer in the Vanderbilt Department of Mathematics. Dr. Bruff’s scholarly interests include educational technology, faculty development, and visual thinking. Stay tuned for more information.

Please contact the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center at 815-753-0595 or to provide suggestions on future Teaching Effectiveness Institutes.  We are happy to hear from you!

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