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Did You Know…..? Sharing Video with Audio in a Blackboard Collaborate Session

NIU faculty and instructors have long been able to share a variety of content using the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing tool, including images, pdf files, and PowerPoint slides. Using the Share Application feature, they are even able to share their screens with participants to conduct websites tours, demonstrate software programs, and demonstrate almost anything else that can be shown on a screen. 

However, up until recently, attempts to share video content would not include any accompanying audio material. That has changed with a recent update to Blackboard Collaborate. Now, when moderators and presenters share a video in a session, all attendees can hear the audio.

In order to use the Share Video in a Chrome Tab feature, use the following sequence of steps.

  1. As a moderator, open two separate windows of the Google Chrome browser.
  2. In the first window, join a Blackboard Collaborate session. In the second window, open the location of the video content. It is essential not to minimize this browser window.
  3. Returning to the browser window with the opened Collaborate session, click on the Open Collaborate Panel in the lower right-hand corner.
  4. Click the Share Content icon, and then click on the Share Application/Screen link.
  5. From the dialogue box that opens, click on the Chrome Tab option. Click on the desired webpage with the video content, and then check the box beside Share audio.
  6. Finally, click the Share button. From the second window of the Google Chrome browser, play the video content. Attendees will be able to both see and hear the video and accompanying audio.

The following animated GIF cycles through these steps to help you see them in action: 

animated gif that demonstrates how to share video with audio

You can find more information about this and other new features to Blackboard Collaborate on the Release Notes for Collaborate Ultra webpage.


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