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Earn the Graduate Teaching Certificate this year!

graduate teaching certificateThe Graduate Teaching Certificate recognizes graduate teaching assistants (GA/RA/TAs) for their participation in the development programs offered by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. The certificate acknowledges these individuals’ commitment to effective teaching and can enhance their academic credentials.To qualify for this recognition, a graduate teaching assistant must attend the full-day TA Orientation and at least five (5) programs of shorter duration offered by Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. You can complete these requirements at any time during your studies

It is easy to apply for the Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center Graduate Teaching Certificate! Complete the online application form with the workshops you attended. If you need to review the workshops you attended, you can do so by logging into our registration system at Log in with both your A-ID and Z-ID to see all of your programs (if you have used different IDs at different times).

Recipients have the option to have the recognition validated with a recommendation on their LinkedIn Profiles, to make it more visible. They will also be recognized at the Outstanding Graduate Student Recognition Reception.

Your certificate will be sent to your department so that the department chair, graduate coordinator, or faculty supervisor can acknowledge your commitment to effective teaching and present the certificate to you. If you need a few more workshops to qualify for the certificate, you should check the current schedule of TA programs.

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