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Did You Know….? Accessing a Portal to Blackboard Collaborate

NIU faculty and instructors rely on Blackboard Collaborate to conduct online web conferencing sessions with their students. However, did you know that you do not have to have to be teaching to take advantage of Blackboard Collaborate?  NIU departments, organizations, committees, and communities can request a free Blackboard Organization (Community) from DoIT, to use for meetings, presentations, training, and much more. In this case, the Blackboard Organization simply serves as a portal to create and manage your Blackboard Collaborate sessions.  

access collaborate ultra within a blackboard organization


Once the session is created, you can invite individuals to participate in a session regardless of their physical location and whether they are NIU-affiliated or not. Even individuals with limited or no internet access can participate using the Anonymous Dial-in feature with their phone, in which callers are able to participate in two-way voice communications.

If you want to use Blackboard Collaborate for non-course related purposes, contact your Chair, Director, or other organizational leader to determine if a Blackboard Collaborate portal has already been requested and is currently available. You can be added to the existing Blackboard Organization by anyone who has the Leader role, and will be able to create and manage Collaborate sessions. If there is not a portal established yet, you can request one.

More information about Blackboard Organizations (Communities) can be found on the Blackboard Organization help page.

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