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Sharing Video/Audio Content During Web Conferencing Sessions

NIU faculty and instructors have long been able to share instructional materials using a variety of web conferencing tools, including Blackboard Collaborate and more recently for NIU, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Each application provides a feature for sharing your screen with participants. Screen sharing could include sharing websites, running PowerPoint presentations, demonstrating software programs, and almost anything else that can be shown on a computer screen.

One particularly useful feature is the ability for instructors to share video content in a web-conferencing session so that attendees are able to watch the video and hear the accompanying audio. Through this article, you will learn how to share your video and audio from within the three most common web conferencing tools used at NIU: Collaborate, Teams, and Zoom.

Blackboard Collaborate

Faculty who have the “Moderator” role in Blackboard Collaborate can share any video and/or audio content that can play from a Google Chrome browser, including Kaltura or YouTube media.

In order to use the Share Video in a Chrome Tab feature, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by opening a website in a Chrome tab with the video that you want to play.
  2. Return to the Collaborate session (in a different Chrome tab), and click to Open Collaborate Panel in the lower right-hand corner.
  3. Then, click the Share Content icon, and select the Share Application/Screen link.
  4. From the dialogue box that opens, select the Chrome Tab option, click on the desired Chrome tab icon with the video content, and then check the box in the lower-left corner to Share audio.
  5. Click the Share button. This will open the appropriate tab where you should start playing the video.
  6. Attendees in the Blackboard Collaborate session will be able to see and hear the video content.

The following animated GIF cycles through these steps to help you see them in action [Figure 1]:

GIF demonstrating steps to share Chrome tab
Figure 1

Microsoft Teams

NIU faculty and instructors also rely on two other web-conferencing tools, MS Teams and Zoom. Both of these tools also permit sharing a screen with video and audio.

In Teams, open an application that has a video you intend to share. This could be from a website or a media player with the video ready to play. Then, from within a Teams meeting, click the Share icon in the top toolbar [Figure 2].

Before selecting the appropriate item that contains the video from the list of options that appear, toggle the tab labelled “Include computer sound.” Then, click on the item you wish to share. When you play the video, attendees will be able to both see and hear the video.

Screenshot of share button in MS Teams
Figure 2


To share video from a Zoom meeting, click the “Share Screen” button in the tool bar [Figure 3]. You will be prompted to select the window with the video you wish to share. This might be from a browser or a media player with a video on your device (laptop or desktop). Then, similarly to Blackboard Collaborate and MS Teams, check the box beside “Share computer sound.” Next, click the “Share” button. When you play the video, attendees will be able to see and hear the video content.

screenshot of zoom screen audio share
Figure 3

Since video that is shared will be playing through these web conferencing tools, bandwidth might be a consideration. Ideally, the video shared should be brief (under 10 minutes) to avoid playback issues. Sharing video and audio via web conferencing can be a great way to engage students in multimodal learning and enhance the learning environment.


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