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Did You Know?. . . Number of People served in August

Did you know that August is historically the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning’s busiest month? Since 1998, the Center (formerly known as Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center) has recorded data on how many people we serve each month. In August 2019, the Center hosted 10 programs for over 370 faculty, instructors, teaching staff, and graduate teaching assistants. It was no surprise to staff when also in August 2019, the Center conducted 254 consultations with 160 individuals to support their teaching. Of course, 2020 was and continues to be full of surprises; so, how did the August 2020 numbers compare to numbers in August 2019? In August 2020, Center staff delivered 21 programs for over 740 participants (a 210% increase) and conducted over 900 consultations (an over 354% increase) for more than 400 individuals (a 250% increase). That’s over double the number of programs and participants and more than triple the individual consultations!

We welcome these brief interactions with NIU teaching staff because they open the door to more protracted, influential experiences. “Some of the best teaching discussions I’ve had with faculty start with a simple question,” said Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Amanda Smothers. For a more sustained experience, consider our Partnership Framework model. The partnership model is consistent with the instructional design process used when the Center is providing full development support for an online degree program. The partnership provides support for the faculty member or instructor to develop a high-quality online learning experience. The framework includes recommended professional development for the faculty member or instructor, a sequence of recommended consultations to guide the development process, and customizable Blackboard course templates to simplify the project.

The Center will continue to work remotely this fall and are always available to meet by phone or online during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm. We are also available to meet in-person by appointment to help you access the One Button Video Studio or Multimedia Studio or to provide support that cannot otherwise be accomplished online. Contact us by phone or text 815-797-2477, email citl@niu.edu, or schedule an appointment with a member of our team.


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